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Pantry News

VBC Food Pantry's   Response Measures 



Effective March 24'th , 2020

To our Veterans ,their family members and Volunteers:

VBC got notice that one of our volunteers was possibly exposed to someone who was exposed to a patient who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 14'th while at an appt. at the Vet Center in Rocky Hill. Our volunteer was not notified until this past weekend by the Vet Center. 


While we do not think that there is any danger of transmission, we take the health and welfare of our veterans, their families and our volunteers seriously, so in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines, VBC is self-quarantining through March 28'th-which covers the fourteen day timeline for symptoms to occur after possible exposure to the virus.  No one on our team has shown any symptoms of COVID-19, and workers wore gloves when handling food and did dispense hand sanitizer throughout the process during the food distribution.   


      We  did want to alert all of those who visited our Pantry on the 15'th. about the possible exposure, and that           in light of observing the self-quarantine, we will not open the Food Pantry on Tuesday March                                      24'th.   However, if you are in dire  need of food, you may call us at (860)786-7163 and we will prepare a box           of food for you (utilizing gloves, hand sanitizer etc) and set up a pick-up time for you to come to the Base              Camp and pick it up . We are planning to open the Food Pantry on Sunday, March 29'th at 11:00. However,               we have decided to increase our safety protocols to protect our veteran guests who visit the Pantry as

       well  as those who live at the Base Camp. They now include:

1.   If you have access to the internet, please email me your email address at:                           

2.   I will email you a Pantry order form of what we have available at the Pantry or you can click this link.

3.   Fill it out and email it back to and we will have your food ready for you           to pick up on Sunday. This will  allow us to pack your food and allow guests to "social distance" and not have         to risk exposure by waiting in line or coming into the Food Pantry.

4.   If you do not have access to the internet, come to the Pantry and we will meet you at your car and have                 an order form ready and our volunteer will assist with filling it out and then take the form in and pack                       your order and bring it out to you.

       We value, appreciate and want to serve every person who comes to our Pantry, and want to insure both               your continued health and safety as well as the that of the veterans and their children who stay at the                   Base Camp. If you have any questions, please give me a call: Cindy: (860)786-7163.

       We are all in this together!


       Thank you and God bless you all!

       The VBC Team


       If you have any questions, FB message VBC on our FB page or call us at (860)786-7163 or email me at